• Personal Injury Marketing 


    We help Personal Injury Lawyers acquire new clients with smart, hyper-local GeoGrid advertising.

    Putting Location Accuracy to Work

    The scale, accuracy and depth of GridQuire's location marketplace enables some of the most sophisticated mobile ad targeting techniques currently available. These targeting technologies allow your firm to identify, target, engage and convert key audiences as they conduct their mobile-driven lives.


    Providing  Lawyers with cutting edge marketing solutions to grow your firm and stay current in a rapidly changing media environment.

  • Custom Built for Lawyers


    Say goodbye to assumptive marketing. Now there’s a better way to share your message with the right people you are trying to reach - at the right time and location. Learn how location unlocks new opportunities to identify and influence potential clients.

    The Right Place

    Location is a Powerful Filter

    Our precise location targeting allows you to reach your target audience in the right place, such as hospital waiting rooms, urgent care centers and spine clinics. 

    The Right Time

    Seize "now" Opportunities

    Seize "now" opportunities to reach your customers at the right time. 

    Be timely with your message to maximize impact and engagement.


    The Best Technology

    Our Technology is Unrivaled

    Our patent-pending, programmatic technology is built 100% in-house. Our team has been thinking about location-based targeting for decades. 



    Our proprietary platform offers a unique mix of affordability and easy-to-use technology that enables your law practice to get more results from your marketing investment.


     Hyper Local Mobile Advertising

    Unlike other solutions, our patent pending targeting technology enables you to select precise locations that matter for your firm, eliminating wasteful spending.  Locations could include:



    Urgent Care Facilities  

    Spine Centers

    Collision Centers

    MRI Facilities 


    Other Law Firms




    Engaging Mobile Landing Page

    mSite is used in conjunction with your PIN campaign as a mobile landing page for the prospect to land on. The main goal with mPage is getting your visitor closer to conversion. 


    mPage will help you maximize impact and engagement.

  • "The GridQuire Platform is light years ahead."

    Ronnie Mabra

    Founding Partner - The Mabra Firm

  • Our Belief

    At GridQuire we believe that Lawyers should have access to the same location based media buying capabilities that big national and global brands utilize. So we have built for you a state-of-the-art proximity based platform that is specially designed to optimize marketing performance and delivery for your local mobile advertising campaigns. With access to the same display inventory, the same Big Data sources, the same advanced targeting capabilities, and the same reporting and business analytics as the big brand advertisers.

    We also believe that your time and money are extremely valuable, so we made the process of partnering with us incredibly easy, and we relentlessly strive to drive down the cost of location based media placement while ensuring that your ads are being seen and seen only by those people who are most likely to be your customers.

    Location based advertising in conjunction with programmatic represents a revolution in media buying, one that is more democratic through its open access to inventory, more efficient through the use of Big Data, and more transparent through the use of digital reporting. You, the local Personal Injury Attorney deserve to the be a part of this revolution and we, GridQuire, are committed to helping you participate!